Winged Media Launches Game Changing Website Development Platform

Santa Monica, CA, Wednesday 7th March 2012 – Winged Media, a market leader in domain technology and internet platforms, today launched, the next generation domain development platform for domain name investors.  The Devname platform has also been integrated into Winged Media’s premier platform for domain trading,

The Devname platform solves one of the biggest issues facing domainers; developing cost effective, dynamic, revenue generating websites at scale.

From a domainers point of view Devname does all the hard work behind the scenes to produce quality, socially activated, content rich and revenue generating websites.

Recent announcements by Google about underdeveloped domains no longer being indexed have delivered a timely warning to domain developers. Devname websites deliver increased traffic and are search engine friendly to ensure continual ranking and higher valuation when a domain name owner wants to sell the asset.

Developing on Devname also gives domain name owners 100% from their own revenue feeds and the opportunity to earn additional revenue from advertising, product and lead generation feeds.

Winged Media CEO and Founder, Troy Rushton, “When we were looking for a scalable development platform for our own portfolio we researched the industry and looked at every solution available. It soon became clear that we’d have to build our own. Devname is the result and it’s way ahead of anything else out there. These websites are built using amazing technology in the backend to get clients’ domains developed, ranking and producing revenue quickly. ”

Using a revolutionary semantic engine, developed in-house at Winged Media, the Devname platform looks beyond the simple keyword of a domain to the intrinsic meaning of the domain name. This degree of analysis means domains are developed with more relevant content and revenue streams.

Rushton continued, “This technology is a game changer for the domaining industry. We’re very excited that is now open for business both directly and via”

Examples of the websites the Devname platform can produce are accessible at


About Winged Media

Winged Media was established in 2009. They use IP and industry expertise to develop a range of platforms to provide scalable internet businesses spanning domain assets, digital media, online advertising and publishing systems. With offices in Sydney and Los Angeles, the company has launched a range of digital innovations, including Protrada, Devname, Parklings, kwIQ Tool and Fruitful.


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