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We develop technologies in online media to empower people like you

Mission Statement

To leverage our skills and IP assets to grow vastly scalable Internet businesses at speed across Internet products and services
focused on digital media, online advertising, SEO and publishing systems.

Our Successes

Our product development list includes integrated and stand-alone solutions from trading, publishing, keyword research and domain development through to monetization, distribution, optimization and divestment.

Our portfolio of solutions leverage the full value of domain assets for professional domainers, traditional investors and those just beginning to get involved in the exciting world of online marketing, domain name trading and development.

Our products are also for parking companies and domain registrars who want to offer valued added domain services to their clients. The Winged Media portfolio includes a suite of API’s to enable seamless integration into existing services.


Recent Projects

See what projects we have been hard at work on.

NameInvestors is the premier provider of educational learning programs and online technologies for the domain investing industry. Being a leader in the field since the early days of domain investing, NameInvestors have been at every major turning point in the development of the industry.
First and foremost, Namebrokers is the only entity that educates and licenses domain brokers. Our program is designed to advance the domain aftermarket through the application of consistent standards specific to ethical practices and professionalism. Namebrokers delivers on this vision with industry leading educational materials, coaching, technology and support.

Our Philosophy

We see every problem as an opportunity. An opportunity to experiment, play, grow, laugh, sweat, ponder, exceed expectations and create something no one has envisaged.

We strategise, innovate and use the most advanced technologies on our path to success.